A Vegetarian's Confession

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I love meat!

It’s fine and swell and goes well with everything we eat.

But this frame of mind has grown obsolete!

An education of agrology has not made it easy for me to buy meat ethically.


Let’s begin in 1st year agro eco-systems with the exposition to conventional production systems.

To the grocery store we were sent, on an assignment, to comment on the marketing intent of the food conglomerate.

Oh Lord!

How come in Superstore’s galore there’s no beef from next door?

Sourcing from Canada’s Western shore has made our farmer’s poor.

This I can’t be for.


In food chemistry we saw the fatty identity of grain fed beef....

It’s the sort of thing which haunts you in your sleep.

For these saturated fats are no easy task to ask our bodies to crack.

Alas! It is grass for which these cows should have.

But in order to get viable gains and stay in the game we must call upon grain.

What a shame.


In production economics we saw the logistics of big-time factory farms.

Their overcrowded  barns made them loose all their charm.

Who’s to harm?

When all your expenditures are reduced to pure figures you see the dawn of confinement feeding procedures...

but how else can you ensure a $1.99 chunk of chicken fingers?


So with all I know, out to dinner I go. “Who reared this lamb?” I demand.

“I don’t know man”. The server reprimands. So this is where I stand:

“Far more easy, has it been to go veggie, than to buy meat ethically.”


By Kevin Morin, Farmer at Stewart's Organic Farm Kevin told us that he wrote this poem while on the train from Québec to Nova Scotia in 2009.


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