Freaks of the Garden and Increasing Facebook Engagement

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People love videos. If a photo is like a 1000 words, how many words is a video? A million? Billion? Video's are a powerful tool for membership engagement and they are practical for social media too. You've likely noticed that your Facebook page posts are seen by far fewer people than 2 years ago. This is because Facebook's algorithm changed and only a small portion (16% of your fans on average) of your posts now are actually seen by people who have "liked" your page. Unfortunately, this will continue to get worse and investing in paid advertising is a must.

That said, there are a few ways you can increase the views of your Facebook posts. One of the best ways to continue to help ensure that your members see your posts is to create posts that encourage comments, likes, and shares. Other than questions which are the best for comment engagement, photos, photo albums, and videos are the best free ways to do this (see 5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement by Social Examiner).

According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement, respectively.

By sharing photos and videos that people engage with (comment, share, or like), you can drastically increase the chances of your fans seeing your posts.

Here are 3 examples of different farm videos that worked to grow Facebook page engagement with video:

Freaks of the Garden from Peaceful Belly Farm

This video is what inspired this blog post.

Tomehto tomoato by Manna Farm


Tomotoe Video by Manna Farm Pemberton BC

Quirky and fun idea to show variety of vegetables. 

Is this really spring? by Tim at Strawberry Hill Farm

Simple is beautiful. Smart use of video combined with a question.

Key Takeaways for Improving Facebook Engagement

1. Every Facebook post needs a photo, photo album, or video.

2. Make a plan to invest in Facebook Advertising

3. Make a schedule to take more videos and photos on the farm

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