How to Eat Well on $4 per Day

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One of many the reasons I joined a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) (besides better taste, quality, convenience, reduced emissions, eating better, supporting a farm, my work here at HarvestHand etc.) was to get affordable organic produce. I'm a proud CSA member of Taproot Farms.

Earlier this week I was delighted to discover The Good and Cheap- Eat Well on $4/Day book. It's an awesome and free 89 page book created by Leanne Brown as her final Master's Thesis Project for Food Studies at New York University. The book has been distributed to over 71,500 communities around the world and includes recipes are easy to make and delicious.

I particularly love page 5:

Tips for Eating and Shopping Well

  1. Buy Foods that Can Be Use for Multiple Meals
  2. Buy Food in Bulk
  3. Start Building a Pantry
  4. Think Weekly
  5. Think Seasonally
  6. More Vegetables Means More Flavour"

Here are a few snapshots from the Eat Well on $4/ Day book:

Eat Well on $4 per day good and cheap

Brussel Sprouts Hash CSA recipe

Kale Salad

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