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Last Thursday I attended the Devour Film Festival and watched a film called Just Eat It. It's a story about global food waste. This film spoke to me because it tells the story of two Vancouver middle-income citizens who survive off food waste for 6 months, rather than sharing many alarming and overwhelming facts then telling people what to do. For the film reception, our Slow Food Youth Annapolis Valley community created a food waste display entirely from gleaned produce that highlighted various food waste issues today and I learned a few new facts about the state of food waste in the process:

These facts and the film Just Eat It inspired me to think these thoughts:

  1. There are 7 billion people in the world, enough food to feed 10 billion people, and 1 billion starving people in the world. In Canada, over 4 million Canadians do not have enough food to eat, about half of this number are children. (CBC- Going Hungry) Imagine how much more prosperous, happy, and peaceful our world would be without hunger. Since we produce enough food, but it is wasted before it reaches hungry people, how can we create localized food waste re-distribution systems that get food to people who need it?
  2. We made littering unacceptable, yet we're still ok with food waste. How can we make food waste culturally unacceptable? Perhaps this could be combined with a positive feedback loop for people redistributing food? Or maybe, a targeted campaign at parents or children to teach children not to waste food. Have you seen examples of effective food waste education projects? Please share.

I highly recommend watching Just Eat It in your community. To host a screening, find one, or watch for FREE online go here

Here's the trailer:


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