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Tuesday, January 27th, 7:00pm CST
Customer Retention for CSAs
All farminars offered by Practical Farmers of Iowa are FREE and open to everyone. Offered each Tuesday night at 7:00pm CST through the end of March, these 90 minute webinars are presented by farmers and experts on a wide range of topics.

This Tuesday we have another farminar for CSA operators. Using data from research conducted with CSA customers, tune in to hear 10 reasons why people stay with their CSA and 10 reasons why they leave. Expert Pat Mulvey will talk about how to keep your customers happy, and Wabi Sabi Farm's Ben Saunders will talk about retention successes and struggles with his CSA in Granger, Iowa.
Patricia Mulvey owns Local Thyme, an online seasonal menu planning service based in Madison, Wisc., and is a personal chef with years of experience planning menus and cooking from CSA boxes and farmers markets. As the chef for Fair Share CSA Coalition, Pat contributes to the growth of sustainable food systems through Local Thyme and her culinary publishing work.

Ben Saunders operates Wabi Sabi Farm near Granger, Iowa, which will enter its third year of production in 2015. Ben offers a 150-member CSA, and is continually exploring ways to diversify into other markets, as well as adapt the CSA program to better fit both the members and the farmer.

on Tuesday, January 27 at 7:00pm CST.
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Scale and Profitability: The Right Fit for Two Vegetable Farms
Last week, seasoned CSA farmers Dan Guenthner and Mike Racette from Wisconsin spoke about the process of piecing together the infrastructure needed for a viable small farming operation. Both Dan and Mike have over 20 years of experience running a CSA, and discussed the chronology their farms went through to get where they are today. Watch this farminar to learn about finding the right scale for your CSA.
2015 Winter Farminar Series
  • February 3 - Setting up Fall and Spring Small Grain Production for Success
    Bill Frederick, Dusty Farnsworth, and David Weisberger
  • February 10 - Oats for Iowa: Variety selection and agronomic production tips
    Bruce Roskens and Darren Fehr
  • February 17 - Cereal Rye: Stand evaluation and seed selection
    Greg Roth and Tim Sieren
  • February 24 - Custom Grazing
    Lani Malmberg and Doug Bartels
  • March 3 - Marketing for your Farm
    Gene Gage, Tyler Magnuson and Caitie Caughey
  • March 10 - Meat Pricing
    Bobbie Gustafson and Tom Cory
  • March 17 - Head to Head: Comparing two crop insurance options for specialty crop farmers
    Kevin McClure, Mark Shilts, and Emma Johnson
  • March 24 - Pesticide Drift: Prevention and response
    Andy and Melissa Dunham
  • March 31 - Food Safety Modernization Act: Implications for farmers
    Sophia Kruszewski and Chris Blanchard
Practical Farmers of Iowa is an open, supportive and diverse organization of farmers and friends of farmers that seeks to strengthen farms and communities through farmer-led investigation and information sharing. 




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