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Posted on by Michael Caplan

HarvestHand New Media Communities is a new partnership. Our vision is to create solutions that strengthen regional food systems. We are looking to revamp our website. We want to create a long term relationship with a web designer to address our immediate design needs and to evolve our HarvestHand website and web presence together over the next few years.
What we are looking to accomplish:
  • rewrite/refresh the text
  • reorder the flow of the information into appropriate pages
  • introduce new graphics/images/videos
  • possibly embed Facebook and twitter feed and calendar functions
  • possibly have a searchable database
  • create an attractive, easy to use, vibrant, positive and inviting space where people want to linger. Also create a space where people get relevant useful information that is helpful in choosing to use the CSA Platform and/or connecting to the 'HH food community'
You are invited to submit an application to work with us at HarvestHand. 
Please include, for our consideration the following:
  • samples of your work
  • explanation of your experience or educational qualifications
  • explanation of your preferred method of working with clients
  • brief outline or example of ideas you have for our site based on what already exists ( and what we have explained.
  • a quote for our consideration with an expression of whether an exchange of services/goods would be of interest to you for exploration. 
Please submit to team at harvesthand dot com by October 20, 2013. If you have any questions please email the team address.
Many thanks!
Mike Caplan, Duncan Ebata and Patricia Bishop.

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