Tips for Making CSA Share Deliveries in HarvestHand

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Spring is here and it’s almost time for CSA deliveries! Here’s a delivery instructional video demonstrating how to manage deliveries and helpful tips to keep members engaged using HarvestHand CSA Software:

Please note: A new Delivery must be created in HarvestHand CSA Software for every delivery period (week, month) of a share in order for a Delivery Report to show for that week (i.e. No Delivery=No Delivery Report). So even if not all the items in the share are known a few days before delivery, a new delivery must be created in HarvestHand  in order for a delivery report to generate and add-on products to be available for purchase during that week. It’s best to enter a Delivery in HarvestHand at least 3-5 days before actual delivery or share pick-up.


Why I Appreciate Seeing My Delivery Every Week

As a member of Taproot Farms, checking my delivery or receiving it in an email also makes be feel engaged, excited, and grateful all at once. It’s a service I value immensely as then I can plan meals and still have time to purchase additional items from Taproot or the Wolfville Farmers Market. I often use it as a conversation starter with friends to demonstrate why I love purchasing food in this intentional way and to show them what I get throughout the year when they are considering investing in a share. It’s also has helped me to make sure I don’t waste any of the food and then feel terrible and guilty (I know I am not alone in this as the most recent Practical Farmers CSA Customer Retention webinar as well as some of the local studies site “veggie guilt” as reason members leave CSA’s)

Wishing you a wonderful, warm, and productive day!

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